Scavengers At Large!

Melanie Mason and Belinda Sinclair are Bayside artists who are reclaiming their cultural heritage- piece by literal piece. Utilizing a wide range of cast-off materials, including the wood from demolished Queenslanders, Mason/Sinclair create a range of clever pop-inspired, hand printed contemporary objects and artworks.

If buildings have memory or a soul, then the house that has been torn down must yearn to be in the company of people again. Mason/Sinclair give a second life to once beloved materials that now face the loneliness of the scrapheap. By adopting their re-purposed  works you’re giving a new home and history to the timbers that housed our ancestors.

We love to collaborate! So if you like what we do but have something special in mind or are a retail outlet that would like a range designed specific to your store please contact us, we would love to hear from you!


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